Aktuelt / Eldre nyhetssaker / 2017

Handlingsplan mot kjønnsdiskriminering, kjønnstrakassering og seksuelle overgrep

( 18.11.2017 )

16. november møttes representanter for de nordiske musikerforundene (Sverige, Danmark, Finland, Island og Norge) samt British Musicians’ Union i Stockholm for å diskutere tiltak mot kjønnsdiskriminering, kjønnstrakassering og seksuelle overgrep i musikkbransjen. Møtet vedtok følgende resolusjon som varsler en omfattende handlingsplan på området.

In Stockholm this week a meeting of the NMU, Nordic Musicians’ Unions, and the BMU, British Musicians’ Union, discussed the issue of gender inequality, sexism and sexual harassment, the scale of which had been highlighted by the recent #metoo -campaign. There was full acknowledgement of the extent of the problem in the performing arts. All the union representatives agreed that tackling the problem should be prioritised. It was agreed that the unions will, in the first instance, initiate a process of evidence gathering through confidential surveys and through the creation of an environment where members feel safe in sharing their experiences. The unions will also liaise with employers, engagers and other areas of the industry in order to involve all stake holders. Following this, appropriate advice and support mechanisms utilising trained officers and officials will be introduced to tackle the problem head on. Finally, the NMU and the BMU will ensure that the International Federation of Musicians (FIM) applies a similar priority to this issue.

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British Musicians’ Union