Aktuelt / Eldre nyhetssaker / 2013

SafeMUSE – founded as independent membership association

( 20.12.2013 )

Yesterday SafeMUSE - Safe Music Havens Initiative was founded as an independent non-partisan and non-profit membership association with the main purpose of offering persecuted musical artists a safe place to stay and work through development of Safe Music Havens and Safe Music Residencies. The City of Harstad, the very first Safe Music Haven, is ready to receive the first guest musician as soon as all formalities are in place. And we also expect the first residence musician arriving in Norway early next year.

SafeMUSE work in close cooperation with Freemuse, and is based on and supports the universal principles of human rights as they apply to the rights of musical artists and their music.

The first SafeMUSE board is comprised of:

TINE TANGESTUEN, Chair (Executive manager of NOPA, Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists)
ANDERS HOVIND, Vice Chair (Vice President of the Norwegian Musicians’ Union)
ERIK NADHEIM, Board member (Director of the Norwegian National Crime Prevention Council - KRÅD)
(HANS OLE RIAN, Alternate member, President of the Norwegian Musicians’ Union)

The board is elected for an interim period – until our membership base is consisting of representatives from several membership categories, so a broader Board may be elected in the first ordinary general assembly, hopefully during the coming year. The association will be registered as a Norwegian Association (“forening”), and we are now welcoming applications for membership. First application already received!

SafeMUSE’s member categories are:

• HOSTING MEMBERS: Cities, municipalities, counties, organizations and other legal bodies/entities responsible for offering persecuted musical artists a safe place to stay and work for an agreed period of time through an agreement with SafeMUSE.

• GUEST ARTIST MEMBERS: Musical artists taking part as guest artists in Hosting Members’ programs. After the termination of the hosting period the Guest Artist Members are offered an Honorary Artist Membership.

• PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS: Organizations and other legal bodies/entities cooperating directly, assisting or indirectly supporting Hosting Members and Guest Musical Artists.

See SafeMUSE Charter and Statutes for more detailed information.

SafeMUSE is greatly thankful for all support and cooperation through our first project period under the wings of MFO/the Norwegian Musicians’ Union, and are looking very much forward to continued and fruitful development and cooperation in the years to come – for the support of freedom of artistic expression and development of democracy.

New address from January 1st 2014:

SafeMUSE - Safe Music Havens Initiative
c/o Sentralen, Pb. 183 Sentrum, 0102 Oslo, Norway

Contact information:
Jan Lothe Eriksen, Prosject Manager
SafeMUSE - Safe Music Havens Initiative
jle@online.no / +47 92824115