Norwegian Musicians’ Union (MFO)

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MFO is Norway’s largest trade union for performing artists and educators, and a member of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO). MFO has more than 8000 members belonging to the following professional groups:

• Performing musicians, artists, those working with culture, performers, music producers and educators who are self-employed and run their own businesses.

• Head teachers, music teachers, music therapists, ballet teachers, teachers in the field of drama and theatre, and employees in the field of visual arts in municipal music schools and cultural institutions, primary and lower secondary schools, upper secondary schools, folk high schools, higher education and resource centres.

• Musicians, singers and dancers who are employed at theatres, in orchestras, at the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, in municipalities and county authorities or as free-lancers.

• Church musicians in the Church of Norway.

• Stage managers, prompters and other staff at permanent theatres, symphony orchestras and the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet.

• Administrative staff holding positions in the field of music and culture in public administration, municipalities, county authorities and music organisations.

• Sound and lighting technicians in private enterprises.

• Pupils and students at universities, university collages and private collages, folk high schools and upper secondary schools.

• help with conditions of service: employment, pay level placement, local negotiations, dismissal, conflicts at work etc.

• own website: updated wage agreements, news from the arts- and culture-related fields, information about membership benefits, courses and conferences, standard contracts, tips and links.

• legal assistance: entailing all costs being covered by MFO in the event of workrelated disputes. A prerequisite is that the case is approved by MFO and that you have not already engaged your own lawyer.

• magazine Musikkultur: MFO’s membership magazine, ten editions per year sent to members free of charge.

• LO advantage card (LOfavør-kort): All members of MFO receive the LOfavør-kort (combined membership and advantage card) free of charge. In addition to providing membership details, the card gives access to a wide range of lucrative benefits. Read more at http://www.lofavor.no.

• forum for professional networking: Norway’s largest trade union for performing artists and teachers.

• advice and support in tax and welfare questions.

• help with applications for financial support for recording CDs, tours, projects etc.

• help with other types of contracts, recording contracts, publishing contracts, management contracts etc.

• debt collection services:  in cases of non-payment of salaries/fees, MFO can assume responsibility for collection of overdue payments, by legal means if necessary.

As a trade union MFO bases its activities on the premise that artists and those working with culture have more power when we present a united front than when we stand alone. This applies visa-vis employers and clients as well as vis-a-vis the various authorities. The world of culture and the arts in Norway is diverse and flourishing, yet vulnerable. If the community - the public authorities - does not have a general responsibility for culture, the arena will soon be dominated by purely financial interests. Changes in political trends nationally and locally give grounds to fear that workplaces in the cultural sphere will disappear, and a major deterioration in framework conditions for artists. MFO’s key task is to work towards strengthening members’ pay and working conditions, job security and development potential.

How much does it cost to become a member?
The membership subscription is 1.65 per cent of the total gross monthly salary up to a maximum of NOK 32,000. Monthly dues deducted amount to a minimum of NOK 105 and a maximum of NOK 527. Part of the subscription fee (at present NOK 3,850) can be claimed as a deduction on the tax return. Retired members over the age of 62 are exempt from union dues. MFO has separate cooperation agreements with members of the Norwegian Actors’ Equity Association and the Norwegian union for dance professionals (Norske Dansekunstnere).

Collective insurance schemes
Home and home contents insurance is an integral part of MFO membership, and applies to all members except for school pupils and some other individual members. The cost is the same regardless of what part of Norway you live in. There is no maximum insured sum. but there is an upper limit of NOK 300,000 for individual objects/collections. The basic insurance is a small assurance of death risk to be disbursed to surviving beneficiaries after death. Company: SpareBank1.

Read more about terms and conditions here (page in Norwegian).

Voluntary insurance schemes
As an MFO member you have the opportunity to take out the best and cheapest musical instrument insurance on the market and this also covers data equipment. Company: If Skadeforsikring. You can also take out a very favourably priced combined leisure and businesss trip insurance that covers you 24 hours a day, even when no overnight stay is involved. Company: Europeiske reiseforsikring.

Read more about premiums, and terms and conditions here and here (pages in Norwegian).